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I'm David Cruz, I was born in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico and I'm currently calling East L.A. my home. I love Mezcal, food and above all, my friends & family. I’d like to thank you for taking interest in my work and will be incredibly happy to welcome you into the Synthetic Color family. It’ll be an honor to be trusted with the responsibility of photographing your wedding. My goal during our time together is to make you feel calm, collected and at home with everything I do, not just in my work, but throughout the entire planning process and most importantly, your wedding day. It’s why I believe that we must click well together and in other to do so, we must meet either over a cup of coffee, a few sips of Mezcal if you prefer, one of my favorite taco vendors or even at the secret tlayuda spot, discuss your wedding and see if we're a match aesthetically for me to capture this important day. There's a million decisions you already have to make when planning your wedding, I shouldn't be one of them. Because I believe that if we become friends before your wedding, your wedding photography will be the least of your worries. Want to get to know me a little bit better? Hop over to my Instagram and blog, where I write about my experiences of growing up in both Oaxaca & Los Angeles, along with my current editorials.


Because my photographic style is cinematic and natural, film allows me to achieve the soft, dreamy look I love seeing in indie cinema. Aside from the magical quality of exposing an image on a negative and waiting for it to be developed into a tangible photograph, film has a magical way of rendering light. In the process of shooting film, I’m present with you at every moment without the conflict of looking at the back of a digital camera. Because I don’t have the luxury of deleting an image, I have to get each photo right, I do this by honing my skills as a photographer and directing you every step of the way. There’s definitely a craft behind being a film photographer and most importantly, film is perfect for portraits, details and when there’s an abundance of natural light to work with. However, digital cameras are perfect for low lit venues, dark churches, indoor receptions and time sensitive content. In the end, it doesn't matter which  format or camera I use, my sole purpose is to photograph you in the best light possible, while using either format appropriately.

When booking me as your photographer you are not only contributing to my livelihood, you’re also directly contributing to the livelihoods of the small business owners who collaborate in bringing my vision together for you. First, I start with recycled paper goods for marketing and packaging materials and have my cameras serviced by a local repair shop in Montebello, California. My camera equipment is supported by handmade leather wrist straps from both Tap & Dye and Gordy's Camera Straps, while safely stored in Domke canvas bags. I purchase Kodak film, which is still made in Rochester, New York, have it processed & scanned by an independent lab tech in Woodland Hills and I have your photographs printed by a local print shop in Koreatown. Your wedding photos are then packaged in a gorgeous, handmade box, made by a local craftsmen in Glendale. Finally, prints order through my online print shop are shipped from a lab in Denver, Colorado. And because I'm an avid street food fanatic, as you'll see on my Instagram Stories, your support will help contribute to the livelihood of the daily hustlers whipping up delicious tacos, carnitas, ice cream, quesadillas, pupusas, barbacoa, local greasy spoons and up & coming eateries around Los Angeles.

Synthetic Color Gordy's Leather Camera Strap Olympus 35RD


Phone: 213.249.1648

Based in East L.A.

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