I shot myself on the foot this semester for my last photography class of my spontaneous college career at ELAC, that being Photo 03, which focuses on the business side of photography. At the beginning of the semester, our instructor gave us the option to choose one concept to photograph throughout the semester, execute, and present the photos at the end of the semester in a printed portfolio. Naturally, I choose to photograph couples in stylized themes, along with other wedding related editorials. Michelle & Rick of Rick’s Produce, graciously agreed to be my first couple to be photographed at the farm in Temecula, California. The weather that day however was not on my side, rain clouds crept in, wind gusts kicked up and the sun beam as bright as a summer afternoon, all at the same time. Thankfully, the sudden color shifts due to weather are no issue when using film. For this editorial, I used the elusive FujiFilm ProPlus II 200, that I picked up in Oaxaca two years ago. Now that I’m sitting here however, writing this blog post, I realized I have only photographed two editorials and a wedding, and we’re already halfway through the semester. See, this is why I shot myself on the foot, I should of just said I’m photographing architecture for my portfolio, which would of been a lot easier. But then again, I certainly need the practice and content for both the new blog and website.