With the collaboration of Horus Men Underwear, I photographed this handsome young man during his morning routine. With his ravishing good looks and his minimally decorated apartment, we created an intimate editorial that’s fit for a modern magazine feature. My approach in this editorial was the same as with any editorial, create a calming mood, that in turn, will perpetuate soft, calm, glowing photos. The Horus trunk used for this editorial are made of soft, luxurious fabric that allows mobility and breathability, allowing you to look and feel good with or without clothes. I wanted a down to earth vibe with this editorial and specifically wanted the boy next door type of model. When the assignment came up, I thought of only one person that perfectly fit my vision for this editorial. Miguel a complete sweetheart, was more than happy to model for me and lend his apartment for this assignment. 


Horus Underwear: www.horusformen.com | Model: Miguel España