One of the biggest challenges in photographing graduation photos, is by far, not making them look like graduation photos, while at the same time, making them look like graduation photos for the family. With the flood of social media, as well as the flood of photographers uploading graduation photos, it can easily over whelm a client with hundreds of possible poses and gimmicks. Which is why, when asked for graduation photos, I tend to ignore all that and come in blind, with only small game plan, as far as what I ask my clients to do. My dear sweet model from last semester loved her editorial so much, she asked to have me photograph her graduation photos, in and around her school, the California Baptist University. The campus sits, from what I remember, in the middle of nowhere, near Downtown Riverside, which I lived in for a few months, several years ago. The campus itself is insanely picturesque, as you’ll see in the photos below. With its beautiful Spanish Revival architecture, the campus easily lends itself to be photographed in any angle and of course, my gorgeous client, looking ravishing as always.