As far as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with cinema, to be exact, of the horror and sci-fi variety. As I’ve gotten older however, I’ve leaned more towards the romantic comedy and drama genres. It’s funny, ‘cause as a child, I didn’t understand why such movies won awards, I always thought, ‘dude! These movies are so boring, nothing happens!’ But of course, I was too young to understand the themes within these movies. It’s no surprise now that my current editorials are heavily influenced with these cinematic themes. Now that I fully understand the nuances of romance, and having gone through a divorce myself, I can confidently say I recreate love and intimacy on film. For this editorial, my clients were very open to the idea of recreating the now famous, Bonnie & Clyde photos. Best part? My clients already had the wardrobe and guns in hand, which made it very easy to style them. The tricky part was the location, after a bit of research, I opted for a warehouse district less traveled near my house in East Los Angeles, closer to Boyle Heights, by the Sears Tower. I fell in love with this location so much, that I’ve used it a few more times thereafter. It’s a very versatile location, offering plenty of light for those glowing portraits I love so much.