Inspired by the elegance of French culture as well as French architecture, I set out to create a lingerie editorial with a soft, feminine aesthetic, reminiscent of old Hollywood cinema. This editorial, unlike previous I’ve photographed in the past, was filled with a handful of firsts. First time I rented a studio, first time I bought flowers at Flower District, first time I photographed under a strict two hour limit and the first time I’ve photographed an entire set on Kodak Portra 400. Funny really, since I’ve had rolls of Portra sitting in my fridge for a while, saving them for a special occasion, which never came, so I decided to use them here to see how well they react to natural window light. I was extremely fortunate to have found the models I did, as they both manifested femininity in such an elegant way. And with the talent and collaboration of April of Bones Lingerie, this editorial is by far the best interpretation of the soft and feminine aesthetic I have ever created.

I met April a few years back when I had the original concept of photographing a lingerie editorial to promote a boudoir service that never happened, for one reason or another. I might post them here in the future, but in the meantime, you can find them sprinkled throughout my Instagram feed. The assignment was to photograph a splash of color editorial, in where we had the task to create a monotone color palette with, you guessed it, a splash of color within each frame. The concept of a lingerie editorial quickly came to mind, as well as the perfect model, Stephanie Sical (Miss Guatemala U.S.A. 2015 & Miss Earth Guatemala 2016) whom I met a year ago while working on a project together in our Broadcasting class. Meeting Ashley however, was a happy accident, as with most things in my life to this point. I posted a rather, sappy post on my Instagram on the redesign of Clifton’s Cafeteria in Downtown Los Angeles, now called, Clifton’s Republic. While browsing through the tagged posts of Clifton’s, I bumped into Ashley’s IG and quickly knew she’d be a perfect compliment for this editorial as well.

The location was the tricky part but, it just so happened I attended a mixer hosted at FD Studio in the heart of the Fashion District, also in Downtown L.A., a few weeks prior, lending itself as the perfect location. After much contemplation, I decided to add natural wild flowers and with the help of April, we picked out a gorgeous set of wild flowers and fashioned a few bouquets out of them. After seeing how beautiful these photos turned out, I might kick the idea around of offering the boudoir photography service in the near future. But considering the cost of setting this up, I figured this service might have a $1,200 price tag.


Models: Ashley Leilani  & Stephanie Sical | Wardrobe: Bones Lingerie | Location: FD Studio