Tips For The Groom

Gentlemen! Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, because let’s face it, men are likely to be forgotten during the planning process, preparation stage of the wedding and serve as the perfect accessory for our bride during her wedding. As I talked in the beginning of the guide, the wedding is for you. So I’ve compiled four essential tips that’ll help you look your absolute best during your wedding, GQ magazine cover best. 

Four Essential Tips For The Groom

1.     You're probably never going to have more photos taken of you in a single day than on your wedding, so it's important to be prepared and look your best at all times. Start preparing your physique a few months in advance. Remember that spring break, beach body regimen from college? Well, this is your new spring break, so dust off the sneakers and convince yourself juicing isn’t as bad as you think it is and by skipping salty foods and alcohol a month before the wedding, you’ll notice a huge difference your physique, as it’ll reduce bloating.

2.     As grooming goes, think about how trendy and edgy you want to look. What looks cool today, might make you cringe ten years from now. Remember mullets from the early nineties? Yeah. Keeping your hair and facial hair as classic as your tux, will make your photos stand the test of time. Smile a lot and make good eye contact with all cameras, even if you hate having your photo taken. Whether you like it or not, every camera will be pointed at you and we don’t want photos with your eyes closed or mouth open. If you’re serious about it, find your angle. Ask your fianc√© to take a couple of photos of you at different angles and figure out what you like best. This is where the engagement session excels, and remember, women are always right, as they’ll be posing by your right side, due to the boutonni√®re on the left side of your jacket.

3.     The legendary bachelor party. Whether your boys are planning an escaped in Vegas or a night out at the local pub, plan it a month before, not a week or the night before your wedding. Looking hungover and bloated from the chili cheese fries last night never translates well on the photos the next day. I’m sorry, I as much as the next guy loves my chili cheese fries at 1am. Stick to your workout/diet regimen one more day.

4.    Most importantly, invest in your suit, avoid renting it. Rented suits often come with shiny vests and are off-the rack, they’re meant to fit every one, not you. It’s your wedding, not prom night. Take the time to find one that fits your body type and spend the extra dollar to have it tailored. A tailored suit is to women, as what lingerie is to men. Keep it simple. Dark blue, black and grey suits are timeless and will make you look your best. And unlike the wedding dress, your tailored suit will be used for years to come. If a full suit is not for you, opt for a suspenders & bow tie look or a matching vest & trouser look or a formal preppy look, these alternates look good on grooms these days, just be sure to get these pieces tailored as well. I’ve even seen grooms piece together outfits from thrift store sport jackets and still managed to look sharp for their wedding. Trust me, this is completely doable, as there’s an infinite amount of information and videos online regarding the process of buying and wearing a suit properly. As I’ve said before, my advise is by no means the definite of groom essential styling, however, I have compiled the following list of two of my favorite men’s wear stylists for your reference.