Photographic Services

#syntheticcolor Nikon F5 Kodak UltraMax400 Tri-X Portra400

Yes! I still use film. Why? My photographic style is cinematic and natural, film achieves the soft, dreamy look I love seeing in indie, film made romance movies. Aside from the magical quality of exposing an image on a negative and waiting for it to be developed into a tangible photograph, film possesses even more magic in the way in renders light. In the process of shooting film, I’m able to fully be present with you at every moment, without the conflict of looking at the back of a digital camera. Additionally, film photographers have been shown to be expert photographers. As we have to get every photo right in camera, because we have no choice of deleting the image later. Translating to a great deal of knowledge and experience behind the craft of a film photographer. I'm not stranger to digital however, I love it. I understand and appreciate both formats and will use both appropriately. Film is perfect for portraits, details and when there’s an abundance of natural light to work with. However, digital cameras are perfect for low lit venues, dark churches, indoor receptions and time sensitive content. In the end, it doesn't matter what format I use, or what camera, my sole purpose is to photograph you in the best light possible.



I'm a strong believer in simplicity. My pricing reflects this philosophy. As every wedding and bride is different from the next, I feel you shouldn't have to decide between photo packages, making you feel as if you might be missing out on something because you didn't choose the top tier option. Charging by the hour allows us to tailor our time together for what really matters most during your wedding day.

Fee: $250 per hour
Includes: 4x6 Proofs & Online Gallery



Romance is in the air and the anticipation of a lifetime together comes to a crescendo in the fleeting months leading up to your wedding, causing you to wonder, “is an engagement session really necessary? After all, won’t the wedding represent the beginning of our lives together?” True, however, the engagement session is an integral part of the wedding experience. The engagement session allows you, as a couple, to get comfortable in front of the camera and figure out how we’ll work best together before the wedding. Next, you can showcase your personalities in a more relaxed, casual setting, while creating fun and memorable photos for wall portraits, save the dates and thank you cards. Best of all, you can remember this time with memories of just the two of you. Booking at least five months in advance from your wedding, is optimal time for full enjoyment of engagement photos.

Fee: $350
Includes: 8x8 Hinged Guestbook & Online Gallery



I’m happy to announce my new service, personal travel photographer. What’s that you ask? You know how when you on road trips or vacation, someone is always missing from the photos because there was no one around to ask to take said photos. Notice how your nature photos don’t turn out as as good as the promotional ones? Well, that's because the phone sucks when the sun is beaming straight at it! Suck, I know right? Or how about the dreaded phone on the face dilemma, why see nature in 2D when it's on real life 3D.

Avoid all that and have me follow you round, while you and your family enjoy your trip, I’ll be photographing everything, including the nature photos, that candid shots, the posed photos, everything. Heck! I'll even drive you all around town. So whether you're planning a camping trip, a road trip, or a weekend getaway for your next vacation, be sure to keep me in mind as your personal travel photographer.

Fee: $500 per three days
Client provides transportation & accommodations
Includes: 4x6 Proofs & Online Gallery