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The hours before the wedding are a special part of the day. Nervousness. Joy. Tears. Laughter. Daydreaming. Feels like the calm before the storm. Over the years, I have photograph a variety of weddings, from elopements to ten hour long weddings. Two thing that connect all weddings, are stress and rapid time perception, as in, your wedding day will fly in an instant. So to help you enjoy every minute of it and help calm the nerves, I've compiled a few tips for your reference. The hours you spend getting ready will set the tone for the first half of your wedding, lets make it count.


1.     A trial run with your hair stylist and makeup artist a month before your wedding, will give you peace of mind knowing exactly how you’ll look on your wedding and give you the opportunity to change things in advance if necessary. Make sure to bring your jewelry to the trial to see how makeups shades work with these pieces.

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2.     Prepare an emergency bridal kit a week before. Throw in a couple of granola bars, a water bottle, clear nail polish, eye drops, mints, a sewing kit, stain remover, safety pins, bobby pins, pain relievers and a mini deodorant.

3.     Have snacks and even a drink or two at the place you’ll be getting ready, as it’ll probably be a little hectic during this time, so be sure to eat small portions of food while you get ready; as it might be a while before you eat anything at the reception. Most importantly, be sure to keep hydrated through out the day, especially if your wedding is in the middle of summer. 

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4.     The hours before the wedding should be used to calm and relax you, start the day by giving yourself plenty of extra time, regardless of the time your ceremony is scheduled for. Giving yourself at least fifty percent more time than anticipated to have makeup and hair done, not only for you, but for your bridesmaids as well, should they be getting ready in the same venue as you are, will alleviate the number one reason wedding schedules end up running late. This is by no means a stab to my fellow makeup artists and hair stylists, as without them, our work as photographers will not shine as good as it does. However, I can’t stress enough how many times I’ve personally seen both as a photographer and a guest, late starts to weddings due to hair and makeup taking longer than expected. There are a number of reasons this can happen. But it's usually due to everyones excitement and last minute details. Believe me, the day of your wedding fly in the blink of an eye. So give yourself that extra time to get ready and if you're late, you're late, no biggy. It's your wedding and it's practically a rite of passage for a bride to be late at her wedding anyway. Should things start late for what ever reason, assign someone to deal with your vendors the day of.

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5.     To make everyones job a little easier, the room you’re getting ready in should be bright, with plenty of natural light and soft colors. A bright room will avoid hot lights shinning on your face while getting ready. Also, natural light will bring beautiful soft shades to your photos. Try to avoid rooms with carpets, wallpapers and curtains made of strong colors, such as green, red, blue, purple and yellow. These colors will reflect on your face and pretty much everything else in the room. Trust me, not everything can be photoshopped and have the AC or a fan ready should it get hot in the room ahead of time. Yes, even in the winter, it can get warm in a tiny room filled with excited people running around.

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6.     If you’re planning winter or spring wedding, be sure to discuss a ‘rain plan’ with your vendors and venues in case Mother Nature doesn’t see sunshine in the cards.

7.     Lastly, while you’re getting ready, wear something simple with neutral colors. This applies more if you’re having photos taken during this time. Either way, reducing the number of clothing pieces and accessories will help reduce clutter in an already limited space while getting ready.


Above all, have fun. It’s your wedding. You’ve been planning it for while, enjoy every minute of it. So from here on out, after you’re done getting ready, if something doesn’t go as planned, keep walking, laugh it off. Believe me, no one will notice, unless you point it out, it'll make for a great story later. Your guests are here for you and have no idea what you've been planning all this time, if something does go wrong, they'll think it was planned.

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