According to its Facebook page “Tijuana Te Quiero es la primera iniciativa de TE QUIERO A.C. para mejorar la experiencia del cruce fronterizo entre México y Estados Unidos.” In the brink of all the ugliness (according to the news) going on in México, I’m surprised to know that there are organizations like this one that do their best to promote México and Tijuana as a tourist destination. Over the years I’ve noticed there’s been less and less people that visit the city. Which I’m sure has something to do with what the media shows us on television on a daily basis, follow my Instagram feed for my thoughts on this. I remember it would take hours to get back into the U.S., and now, it takes about an hour or so to cross the border. Granted I usually cross at night which might a contribution factor. On my last trip, I was inspired to photograph T.J. in a way that’s seldom seen by tourists, as most concentrate in the downtown area. Which after all these years, have yet to visit. On a side note, the last seven pictures are from Downtown L.A. I had a few shots left over and didn’t want to waste them, so I took a walk around town, Nikon F3 on hand.

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downtown los angeles